Tom Challenger (MA)

Adam Bettslegendary drummer (Three Trapped Tigers, Evil Ex, Emperor Yes)

Three Trapped Tigers


Dan Nicholls / Mirror


The Heritage Orchestra

Emperor Yes

John Blease drummer extraordinaire

Phil Stevenson guitarist for Fofoulah and more

Alex Bonney trumpeter, laptop performer, producer/engineer, and photographer

Trio VD / Chris Sharkey some of the country's best musicians

Melt Yourself Down from the ashes of Acoustic Ladyland

Loop Collective some of London's best improv/jazz, members/bands include Tom Challenger/MA, Fofoulah, Dan Nicholls/Mirror

Blood & Biscuits record label for Three Trapped Tigers, Evil Ex, Gallops and more. Part of label collective Pink Mist

House Of Strange studio (Ash Gardner)

Robert Harder producer/engineer

Ben Lamdin Nostalgia 77 + producer/engineer

Wicker Studios (Raven Bush)